Manage your stock and your reagents in a few clicks!

Ineon Free offers chemistry and biology labs a specialized software for reagent and inventory management


Ineon Free

What is INEON Free?

INEON Free is a stock and reagent management software for chemistry and biology laboratories. It guarantees you a clear view of your stocks, your orders, expiry dates, etc. and allows you to easily locate all your reagents. It is available in cloud mode for ease and security, but can also be installed on your server in paid version.

Why INEON Free?


Because all of you have wasted hours looking for that fantastic inhibitor that you've been given an aliquot by a colleague, because you had to postpone this great experiment because you did not know that the ammonium sulphate stock was exhausted, because you do not remember where you bought this analogue that is too expensive elsewhare, because you can not get your hands on the NMR analysis of this compound, ... Do you need to another reason for using INEON Free?

A multiparametric search according to criteria as diverse as structure and storage location 

Are you looking for a tool to assist you throughout your research project? You want to select reagents based on physico-chemical, structural or logistical criteria?

INEON Free offers a simple tool to identify all the reagents corresponding to a multiparameter search. It allows you to search for reagents according to criteria as varied as their physico-chemical properties, their availability, their date of order, their place of storage or their structure.... Identify the reagents you are looking for, and find them in two clicks.


Manage your stocks and suppliers simply

Are you looking for a tool to easily manage your stocks of products, reagents and enzymes? Would you like to be able to quickly identify the suppliers and references of your reagents?

Controlling the costs of a laboratory depends on controlling its supply chain and suppliers. Being unable to perform an experiment due to poor inventory management harms your creativity, delays the progress of your research and puts your patience to the test. INEON Free allows the researcher to have a better visibility on the availability of his consumables in order to plan his projects serenely without having to worry about a sometimes heavy logistics.


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