Inventory and supplier management

Ineon Free
How much of this reagent do I have left? Which supplier has sold me this compound already?

Suppliers management

Managing stocks and reagents in a laboratory can quickly become time-consuming for researchers. With INEON Free, information on your stock is updated to allow you to better follow current orders and anticipate those to come. You can easily track the amount of product remaining for the rest of your project. Easier planning, faster realization, simplify your task while saving time on the realization of your projects.

With INEON Free, follow and consult the information relating to your orders easily. For each order placed with a supplier, obtain :

  • The date of order of the compound or batch
  • The delivery order
  • The sell-by date
  • The price and quantity purchased
  • The total quantity available

With INEON Free inventory management, you will no longer experience bad surprises in the middle of your experiments. INEON free will increase the productivity of your laboratory.

Inventory and Supplier management
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