Reagents information

Ineon Free

Access to information about your reagents

Quick access to reliable information is essential for the researcher to find in the laboratory stock the reagents necessary for the next manipulation. INEON Free gathers all the basic information concerning the coumpounds and reagents present in your laboratory (Structure, Molecular mass, chemical family, solubility etc.).

Physico-chemical properties of molecules

The identity card for each compound contains the key physico-chemical information concerning your reagents and compounds

Ecran de recherche de composés et réactifs

      • Stereochemistry
      • ClogP
      • LogS
      • Hdonor
      • Hacceptor
      • Salt
      • State (powder/liquid)
      • Formula
    • Molecular weight
    • Color
    • Fluorescence
    • Solubility
    • Number of rotation

A multiparameter Search

Look for your reagents or compounds according to all listed criteria, physicochemical properties, location, date of order, etc. And thanks to your ChemAxon license, INEON Free also offers you the possibility to search compounds by structure / sub structure.

INEON Free Data Center

No longer search for bits and pieces to find the documentation related to a compound. Thanks to INEON Free, you will easily associate to each of your reagents the different relevant documents in the same place. Easily gather in INEON free data center, the MSDS documentation, analytical data, bibliographic references and all the available data on each of your compounds whatever the format of your documents: PowerPoint, Excel, Word, JPG, PDF, SDF, etc.

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