Locating your reagents

Ineon Free

I need a product but where is it?

The laboratories buy, use and stock many reagents necessary for carrying out the experiments. Researchers have little time to organize the storage of chemicals and the precise location of a reagent too often depends on the memory of the collaborator who received or used it last.

The localization of the compounds can quickly become problematic according to the number of compounds managed, and the disparities of localization in the laboratory.

With INEON Free, add coumpound, specify where it is stored and never lose track!

INEON Free offers a simple tool for listing the different chemical storage locations. You can thus accurately fill in the location of the compound you are looking for by : building, room, cold room or shelf. For greater flexibility, the fields allowing to locate a compound can be filled in freely by the user.

écran de stockage des produits chimiques sur ineon free
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