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Who are our offers for ?

  • INEON Free : a new way to manage your compounds in laboratories
  • INEON Entreprise : recommended from 15 000 compounds or more than 10 users
  • INEON Pro : for researchers who want to manage DNA sequences and who want to have the safety data sheets at hand
  • INEON Mobile : a real mobile solution that combines RFID and mobile readers. Our two solutions will make it possible to manage the withdrawal of a certain quantity or to consult the safety data sheet of a component.
FunctionsINEON FreeINEON EntrepriseINEON ProINEON Mobile
Management of compounds

Reagent stock management

Budget plan
S2 Screening
Restore data on demand
Dedicated serveur

Mail support (Office hours)

Helpline (Office hours)
Integration of safety data sheets
Use of Radio Frequency Identification tags


Manage your stock and your reagents in a few clicks!

INEON Entreprise

  • Manage your stocks and compounds with Ineon Free
  • Your safety data sheets directly accessible on INEON Free
  • Telephone/email support during office hours
  • Dedicated serveur : faster access to your data 
  • Restore your database up to 10 days back
Number of coumpounds< 5000< 10 000< 20 000Et plus
Annual fee500€ HT800€ HT1188€ HT2 000€ HT


  • Manage your stocks and compounds with Ineon Free
  • Dedicated serveur : faster access to your data
  • Simple and quick creation of new plasmids
  • Instant localization of all plasmids and oligonucleotides in your collection
  • Sharing your data in a secure cloud



 INEON DNA : a new way to manage your DNA sequences

INEON Mobile

ScanLab is the mobile version of INEON Free 

  • Find and display information about your product by scanning the label
  • Locate it thanks to its CAS code 
  • Identify each batch of a product and associate it with an experience
  • Access to the product safety data sheet 


Get safety data sheets directly on your mobile 

  • Your security documents updated in real time
  • Quick access to critical information

Let's stop paper : digitize your security data sheets

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