Other products

Ineon DNA

Because your team should not build the same plasmid twice or buy the same oligonucleotide twice, mutualize your efforts and stock with INEON DNA.

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Ineon Safety Pro

Any doubts about a reagent? Need critical information after an incident?

INEON safety Pro is the solution for managing your safety data sheet (SDS) and all security related documents within your lab.

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Go to  Ineonsafetypro.com



Ineon Scanlab

Need to get reliable information about your products and reagents immediately? SCANLAB is the mobile version of INEON free.

Find and visualize your product information by scanning the label and if you are looking for the product, locate it with its code C.A.S.

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Ineon Free

This software will allow you to manage your chemotheque quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to its versatility, it can be adapted to different scientific institutions, from the simple laboratory with 200 compounds to the Research Institute.

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Go to Ineonfree.com



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